Commercial Avenue Revitalization Project

Commercial Avenue Revitalization Project

The South Chicago Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with SSA #5, has engaged UIC's Greater Cities Institute to guide their exploration of desirable -- and practical -- approaches to revitalizing the Commercial Avenue business district.  Community involvement in the planning is a critical part of that process.   Public planning meetings are being scheduled -- and one has already been conducted -- to insure that the planning is shaped by the broadest possible idea generation.  

As members of the planning committee, we believe that this page can serve as a source of information to all who are interested in learning about --and participating in -- this project.   We will  attempt to keep you posted to meeting schedules, outcomes of completed meetings, etc., and urge you to participate in upcoming meetings,  as this process will, we hope, shape the future of our community through the regeneration of its historically important component, its commercial district.  

We need your participation in this process.   One of the ways you can participate is by responding to via the links, below:

The South Chicago Chamber of Commerce is also working to share project-related information via its Facebook page (

Flyer announcing the first public meeting:

Link to Meeting #1 video:

Link to Meeting #1 Data Consolidation:


Scheduled Public Meetings for the above project

> Meeting Number 2: 5:30 P.M., Nov. 17, 2015 -- South Chicago Parents and Friends, 10241 S. Commercial Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 

> Link to Meeting #2 video:

> Link to Meeting #2 Data Consolidation:

> Link to Meeting #3 Video: 

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