The Northwest Indiana/Southeast Chicago network of communities once served as the entry-way to the Chicago transportation hub, then the gateway to/from the nation.  This page is intended to present current ideas, plans, and trends in community revitalization relevant to the Calumet Region.

Forged by many of the same industries, Northwest Indiana and the City of Chicago shared in the growth of industrial and personal wealth, expanding career opportunities and social advancement from laboring class, to supervisory class, to management and other professional venues.   Life in the region flourished.   Unfortunately, we also shared the pollution that such economic engines deposited all across the region, with devastating effects on the population's -- and the environment's -- health.  

For a long time, the future looked grim, unpromising.  But visionaries within the population have labored, almost throughout the region's industrial history, in the artistic, environmental, institutional, and industrial fields to imagine and create new and better ways for the region to sustain and enrich itself, culturally, economically, environmentally, and healthfully.   We are already benefitting from such work, as dedicated professionals and volunteers have determinedly converted vacated brownfields back to their green prototypes, as creative artists -- and their supporters -- have begun to lay the foundation of at least one new industry: as renowned regional artist Roman Villarreal has put it, "Art is the new steel."

Thus, we have begun this page, today (March 22, 2018 Happy Spring!).  We plan to use it to highlight information about developmental work in the region that we believe is important to know about, to support -- hopefully not to feel obligated to oppose -- to shape, and to sustain, if it can benefit the region, and (sigh) to oppose, should that appear to be the best option for the region's long-term future.  As is the case with each of our pages, time and experience may shape it in ways we don't foresee, today.

As is also the case with our other pages, we invite you to share with us your knowledge of activities, events, ideas, etc., that you believe should be shared on this page.  While we reserve the right to reject those that we feel are too late, or inappropriate -- if only to our vision in operating this site -- we will treat your suggestions respectfully.  

We also reserve the right to edit your submissions for space, etc., but will strive mightily to retain what we think is your message, subject to your own feedback in that regard.  In other words, you can also help us to shape our editing of your comments.  See our "Contact Us" page for the means to communicate with us.  -- k & j

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