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  • This site contains videos of arts-related, civic, environmental, and other community events that have taken place in the Calumet Region of Southeast Chicago and Northwest Indiana, since 2007.  It is by no means a complete presentation of all such events that took place in the region, but it does include 334 such videos as of January 22, 2017.  

Alliance of the Southeast:

Calumet City Historical Society:

Calumet Heritage Parthership:

Calumet Heritage Partnership Links Page:

East Chicago Historical Society: E-Mail:

Exit Zero:

Gary Historical and Cultural Society:

Griffith, Indiana, Historical Society:

Hammond Council:

Hammond Historical Society:

Historic Pullman Foundation:

Hyde Park Historical Society:

Indiana Historical Society--Lake County:

Lake County, Indiana. Historical Society Museum:

Lake Shore Model Railroad Association:

Pullman State Historical Site:

Shifting Sands Movie: 

South Chicago Movie, "South Chicago: In Progress:"

Southeast Chicago Historical Society:  <Site undergoing reconstruction>

Southeast Chicago Historical Society Facebook page:

Shore Line Interurban Historical Society:

United Urban Network, Inc.:

Whiting - Robertsdale Historical Society:


Please note that at least some of the organizations listed above have Facebook presences, as well.   Initiating a Facebook search for the organization's name is a good way to begin searching for those Facebook presences.

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