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November 8, 2015

So, there we were, just about to wrap up a test of a "South Chicago Arts" tour that Joann was providing for our visiting niece, with a run over the "Blues Brothers Bridge" (95th Street over the Calumet River), "when what to my wondering eyes should appear . . " but a Blues Brothers Cop car, in the west bank parking lot -- accompanied by two individuals bearing a remarkable resemblance to Jake and Elwood . . . I don't know how she manages to do such things!

I immediately parked as close to them as possible, permitting Joann and Susan to set up an impromptu photo-op with the two gentlemen who, it turned out, were visiting hallowed Blues Brothers Movie sites in Chicago as part of their personal 35th year pilgrimage.   Thus, they had already visited the Pilgrim Baptist Church site on 91st Street, and were soaking up the ambience of the fabled bridge (and the historic Calumet Fisheries Blues Brothers Movie informal shrine).  Their next stop, we learned, would be the South Shore Cultural Center, at 71st Street and U.S. 41, which had been cast in the movie as the exterior of the resort where the Blues Brothers Band made its grand re-opening.

Fans since 1980, they have restored their clone of the Blues Brothers all-purpose vehicle, and set out on their pilgrimage -- coincidentally, from Wisconsin, but not, apparently, Lake Wapakoneta.   And, thanks to Joann's mission . . . , we crossed their path that day:

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