Southeast Chicago Resources

Six political subunits ("Wards") comprise that part of the City of Chicago that is included under the umbrella term, "Southeast Chicago."  These Wards are officially designated by number.  Therefore, the six Southeast Chicago Wards are: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th.

Of these 6 political units the 10th Ward is the largest, physically, and it also has the largest amount of open space left in the City of Chicago.    The 10th Ward may be further subdivided into historically identifiable communities--neighborhoods.   These are "East Side," "Hegewisch," "Irondale/South Deering," and "South Chicago."  The 10th Ward's southeastern perimeter also borders on the State of Indiana.

Much, but not all, of the information contained in this section is specific to the 10th Ward, in no small part because of its size and available open spaces.

The "Resources" included in this section are grouped into these categories: Cultural Resources (including Community Arts & Artists), Authors, Community Gardens, Green Buildings, Green Industry, and Green Open Space.

Cultural Resources

Community Gardens

  • Artists Garden -- 8951 S. Brandon
  • Bowen High School Campus GreenCorps Gardens -- 2710 E. 89th Street
  • Buffalo Seniors Garden -- 8250 S. Buffalo
  • Bush Community Garden of Hope -- 8457-59 S. Buffalo
  • Hoxie Prairie Garden -- 10549 S. Hoxie
  • 88th & Exchange Block Garden Club -- 8805 S. Exchange
  • Victory Garden -- 8911 S. Exchange

Environmental Organizations

Green Buildings

  • Asphalt Operating Services Facility (state-of-the-art facility) -- 2835 E. 106th Street (on former Wisconsin Steel site)
  • Vodak East Side Branch of Chicago Public Library -- 3710 E. 106th Street
  • Claretian Associates' affordable green housing--more than 65 homes throughout South Chicago
  • Claretian Associates' Burley Apartments -- 9100 S. Burley 
  • 4th District Police Station (solar-thermal roof panels) -- 2255 E. 103rd Street
  • Lakeside Development Marketing Center (LEED Silver) -- 8555 S. Green Bay Avenue
  • Proposed LEED Development of USX/Lakeside site
  • Pathway Victory Center Senior Residence (LEED Silver) -- 9233 S. Burley
  • Rainbow Apparel (LEED Certified) -- 9046 S. Commercial
  • 7th & 10th Ward Streets and Sanitation Department Building (originally LEED Gold candidate, until wind turbines were damaged) -- 9160 S. Harbor
  • Solar Verde Estates Zero-Energy Homes (two models) -- 96th and Marquette
  • Trininty Advocate Hospital (roof garden) -- 2320 E. 93rd Street
  • Villa Guadalupe Senior Residence solar panels retrofit -- 3201 East 91st Street
  • Proposed Ford Environmental Education Center (Studio Gang Group-designed "Best Nest" winning design was to be LEED Platinum, but project is still pending after 10 years)

Green Industry

  • A Scrap Metal Company (Recycling) -- 9301 S. Baltimore
  • Asphalt Operating Services Facility  -- 2835 E. 106th Street
  • SIMS Metal Management (world's largest metals and electronics recycler)  -- 9331 S Ewing Ave.

Green Open Spaces

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